Corry Shores, The Logic of Gilles Deleuze. Basic Principles. London-New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2021. 312 pp. $103.50. ISBN 9781350062269. E-BOOK (PDF)

Within the new volume on the logic of Deleuze the author, Corry Shores, manages to show how from concepts and tools developed by the contemporary logic can be formulated the basic principles of a deleuzian logic.

Corry Shores manages to give to the reader a strong logical assemblage already at work within Deleuze’s oeuvre. Within 3 parts, from dis-composition and dis-identification, the logic of otherness, to falsity, the author un-folds 8 well written chapters. A reading of this volume in parallel with Deleuze’s books Francis Bacon: The Logic of Sensation and The Logic of Sense give more sense to Shores creative logical experiment.

~ This volume is a must reading for anyone interested in Deleuze’s work.