Heidegger-Death & Being

Johannes Achill Niederhauser, Heidegger on Death and Being. An Answer to the Seinsfrage. London: Springer, 2021.

A new book on Heidegger signed by Johannes Achill Niederhauser (Birkbeck College London).

The author dives directly in ‘the role of death’ in Heidegger’s thought. For Niederhauser, death – as a phenomenon – is a key concept to understand the ‘question of being’ asked by Heidegger.

The volume is well written and well anchored in discussions related to being, time, technology, death and the meaning of existence or language.

Death is a pin-point for Heidegger. One can learn, again, from this volume that ‘how to die’ is more meaningful by studying ‘philosophy’ as it was understood also by Heidegger.

Readings of this volume will enrich any type of reader interested in contemporary philosophical thought.

about interpretation

“23. Interpretation

If I read me, then I read into me:
I can’t construe myself objectively.
But he who climbs consuming his own might
Bears me with him unto the brighter light.”

Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001) 15.